Who Makes Solar Panels & Other Parts For The Tesla Solar Roof?

If you’re thinking of having a Tesla Solar Roof installed, you may have questions about the system and its components. One question we are often asked is, “Who makes Tesla Solar Panels?”

The short answer is Tesla makes all of the components themselves. They do so out of the Gigafactory located in Buffalo, NY. This gives you a few extra benefits:

  • All parts are covered under Tesla’s warranty
  • All parts designed to go together
  • All parts create a beautiful, stylish roof

If you’d like more detail about each solar roof component, we’re happy to offer it below.

Tesla Powerwall

The Tesla Powerwall is a proprietary creation which stores electricity for later use. Tesla manufactures Powerwalls in their own factory. 


When your solar cells create electricity, it is in direct current, or DC, form. The inverter converts the electricity to alternating current, or AC, which your building can use. Unlike smaller solar companies, Tesla makes their own inverters. This goes a long way to ensure quality and compatibility with their Solar Roof systems.


A gateway is a controller which determines where the power is coming from and where it is going. It decides whether the energy will be drawn from your Tesla Solar Roof or your utility connection. It also determines if the power generated by your Solar Roof is routed to your home, the utility connection, or your Tesla Powerwall. Tesla makes their own gateways, too.


MCI stands for “mid-circuit interrupter.” This part, made by Tesla, ensures that if one photovoltaic cell stops working, the others continue working. This part also helps technicians troubleshoot where the problem lies so they can make repairs as needed. 


This is yet another part produced by Tesla. A diode is a resistance regulator which allows the electricity produced by one panel to be integrated with electricity produced by other panels.

Trim and Accessories

This one sometimes surprises people. Along with the complex electrical parts, Tesla also makes all of the trim and accessories associated with the Tesla Solar Roof. This includes drip edge, valley metal, and so forth. They have a great sense of style! 

The only components not made by Tesla are some small fasteners. These parts are locally sourced, but they must meet Tesla’s exact specifications.By making the majority of components themselves, Tesla can ensure the quality, compatibility, and beauty of their solar systems. To learn more about the Tesla Solar Roof or arrange for an estimate, contact Kelly Roofing.