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Kelly Roofing Looks Back 50 Years As They Plan For The Future

Kelly Roofing is about to celebrate its 50th anniversary. In honor of this special occasion, we thought we’d take a step back in time and share a little more about our history. These days, Kelly Roofing helps thousands of Florida residents extend the lifespans of their roofs. Our reach was not always this big, but we have always had the same dedication to our customers and our community.

The Beginning

Ken Kelly, the current President of Kelly Roofing, is a second-generation roofer. His father, Joe Sr., founded Kelly Roofing in 1972. At first, the company offered both roofing and painting services. However, when Collier County began requiring licenses for contractors, Joe had to choose between the two. He chose roofing, and since 1976, the company has focused solely on offering roofing services to Florida residents.

A Big Change

Ken remembers accompanying his father on roofing jobs from an early age. At the time, Kelly Roofing was a very small business, and Joe did a lot of the roofing himself. Initially, Ken didn’t have the most glamorous impression of the roofing industry. In high school, he took a lot of classes in business and accounting. He planned on passing the information he learned on to his father, hoping it would allow him to grow the business. What Ken didn’t realize was that soon, he would become the one to put this knowledge to use.

A few weeks after graduating from high school, Ken worked on a roof with his father. Unfortunately, Joe fell from the roof and shattered both wrists. This left Joe unable to work for several years. So, at the age of 17, Ken took over as President of Kelly Roofing. Ken now reflects on his father’s fall as a life-changing event. The event changed the trajectory of his career path, and it also gave him a chance to use his business, law, and programming skills. Ken still draws on the same knowledge and skills as he works to expand and improve Kelly Roofing today.

Continual Innovation

Kelly Roofing has always set itself apart from other roofing companies, both in its services and how the company operates. A lot of this dedication comes from Ken Kelly’s appreciation for the Japanese business model of kaizen. Kaizen means “always striving for improvement.” Indeed, Kelly Roofing never rests on its laurels. The company is always seeking to improve and do better — not just for their customers but for the community as a whole.

Ken has used his diverse background and skill set to help Kelly Roofing run more efficiently. His systems enabled the company to complete 30 estimates per day — up from their initial 3. He has also used his business knowledge to partner with other companies and distributors. This has allowed him to expand the list of services Kelly Roofing offers.

Doing What’s Right

One of Kelly Roofing’s core values has always been to do what’s right. This can be seen in the company’s approach to roofing services. Early on, Ken realized that many roofs in Florida needed to be replaced prematurely. This was often because they had been installed incorrectly or not properly maintained. Kelly Roofing has helped countless Florida residents double the lifespans of their roofs. They’ve done so through proper installation, maintenance, and repair services. This saves customers money and helps them stop worrying about their roofs.

Ken has also made sure Kelly Roofing remains an active contributor to its Southwest Florida community and the world. After Earthquake Irma hit Florida, Kelly Roofing streamlined services to help residents rebuild. And after the hurricane hit Haiti in 2010, Kelly worked with Hope Contained to help rebuild homes. 

The Future

More recently, Kelly Roofing has embraced the green movement to help preserve the planet for future generations. The company recently expanded to include Tesla Solar Roofs. This organization seeks to help others understand environmental conservation and make energy-efficient changes. Kelly Roofing has received many green certifications and plans to continue its eco-friendly focus in the coming years.

When asked about future changes, Ken Kelly replied simply, “I think we have a winning model. What we do works. Now, our goal is to expand geographically and serve more customers.”

Just shy of the company’s 50th anniversary, another meaningful change took place. Ken’s son joined Kelly Roofing, making the company a three-generation business. Ken is looking forward to teaching his son all he knows about roofing, business, and his never-ending dedication to improvement. As a family and as a company, the Kellys are planning for a bright future.

If you want to know more about Kelly Roofing’s history, feel free to contact us. You deserve to Never Worry About Your Roof Again — and we can make that a reality.